Sunday, April 27, 2008


On Saturday, Saturday, Saturday AMA Supercross rocked the house at QWest Field in Seattle.

It was a great night for racing at the open air stadium, the track was good, but had lots of rocks.

The main event was incredible, Chad Reed went down in the first corner. He was now in last place and fought his way all up to 2nd place behind Kevin Windham. It was the best main event that I have ever seen!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Will we ever know the truth?

I must admit I am intrigued by the events of Sept. 11, 2001. It was such a tragedy that so many innocent lives were lost that day.

It appears that this topic continues to surface in the media, from tv to radio, and countless websites. For those of you that haven't looked on the web, you are in for quite a surprise to see how many people feel that the truth of what really happened that day is being covered up. I just finished watching a TV show on the National Geographic channel describing the terrorist plot of 9/11 in great detail which brings me to this new post.

The toughest question is who do you believe is telling the truth? the government? the media?

There appears to be many screw ups that day and a lot of contradicting reports.

The Internet is full of possible theories and questions. Here a few key ones that I have seen...

-The Trade Towers and Building 7 are the only 3 steel structures to collapse due to fire in history and ironically all 3 happened the same day, in the same city, in the same block.
-Interestingly the other buildings in the World Trade Center complex did not collapse but were severely damaged.
-The Towers collapse was a controlled demolition.
-How could jet fuel burn hot enough to melt steel? and still be hot days and weeks later?
-Where did all the steel and debris go? why wasn't it quarantined for inspection?
-Human bones are still being discovered 6 years later.
-There were unusual power down times in both Towers the week before, including all security surveillance.
-Interesting to see what nationality the tenants/occupants were in the buildings that day, and of more interest who was not.
-Many fireman have reported hearing lots of explosions in the basement and lower levels prior to the collapse.
-A missile struck the Towers, there is even video footage of this.
-That no planes actually hit the towers, that the media aired what they were given.
-The one jet engine laying on the street was placed there, previously hidden there behind scaffolding.
-Possibly the biggest bank heist in history! Reports show up to $900 million was in vaults in the basements and not even half of that has been accounted for.
-The planes were not commercial jets, but military aircraft and that they shot at the towers just prior to impact.
-One of the jets that crashed that day has since been reported by an American Airlines flight crew as seen in service.
-2 of the jets that crashed were recorded as not in service that day.
- There were repeated alerts to George Bush of unprecedented terrorist activity, the last one in August by the CIA.
-How could a commercial jet penetrate the air space of the Pentagon, let alone strike it?
-Evidence was planted by the FBI, such as the ATM card that was found at ground zero in perfect condition exactly 1 year later, and a passport of passenger on one of the flights found a few blocks away in perfect condition.
-Widespread foreknowledge... the Brooklyn student who told his teacher a week prior, that next week the World Trade Towers will be gone.

These are only a few of the many theories and questions out there.

The truth will surface. When? Who knows.